About Our Programs

Welcome to Stitching Book Club!

I’m thrilled that you have found our group. Below you will find all of the information you need to participate. 

While you are more than welcome to participate in any manner, all book discussions will take place on Instagram and Facebook. To get the most out of your experience you should have your own Instagram or Facebook account, which are free to use and can be set to private, if desired.

How it works:

Each edition of Stitching Book Club will be assigned a book for reading with an accompanying mystery Stitch-A-Long (you won’t know what it looks like till it’s done!) that is themed to the book. The reading and stitching will be split into multiple sections over a period of several weeks or months. You can sign up by visiting my Etsy shop and purchasing the current SAL. There is a link to my shop in this website's toolbar. 

The pattern will be delivered to you in pieces via email throughout the course of the program—one piece for each section of reading. By the end you will have a completed cross stitch! An email must be provided to me to receive your pdf pattern each month. Please provide this with your SAL purchase on Etsy. No further payment is required after the initial purchase for each edition of Stitching Book Club. Future editions of Stitching Book Club are separate and will require their own purchase.

Discussion Days will happen at the end of each reading/stitching period. On these days I will be providing questions for discussion on the Stitching Book Club pages on Instagram and Facebook. You can join the discussion by commenting on my posts, or by creating your own post with your thoughts on any or all of the discussion questions, and a picture of your stitching so far. Feel free to pose your own questions, too!

Please use #stitchingbookclub on all posts for this project so that other members can find your work. Feel welcome to participate in Discussion Day as much or as little as you’d like.

Rules to Stitching Book Club (don’t worry, there aren’t many!):

One of the most important rules to Stitching Book Club is no spoilers! While many of us will have read the books that we are discussing in this group, there are readers/stitchers that have not explored these works before. So, please do not discuss plot points that are further into the reading than we have reached on each discussion day. You can read ahead if you like, but please make a mental note of where the group is.

Another important rule for discussion day is that all opinions are valid. Everyone is going to have different opinions on the material we read and there is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions I will be presenting so long as those opinions and comments are not hurtful, offensive, or obscene. Differences in opinion are what book club discussions live on, so feel free to disagree with others’ comments but remember to always respond and present your disagreement in a respectful manner that promotes productive discussion. If someone responds to your comments with disagreement, don’t be offended, take a moment to think about their perspective and continue discussing it with them. You may discover a whole new way of looking at it!

Anyone that participates in hurtful, offensive, or obscene behavior will be blocked from the Stitching Book Club Instagram and Facebook pages. The stitching community is one of the kindest, nicest groups of people I have ever been a part of, so I doubt this will be a problem, but any show of disrespect to other members will get you removed from the group immediately.

There is also the Golden Rule of social media cross stitching—never share pictures of the actual pattern. Designers put a lot of effort into creating their pieces. If someone shares a picture of the chart, then it is free and accessible to anyone that happens to see it. So, post as many pictures of your stitching as you like, but don’t post any photos containing the actual pattern chart.

The final rule is, have fun! This program is all about enjoying yourself while stitching and reading some classic literature. So let’s not take things too seriously!

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