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Sense and Sensibility Fabric Tutorial

The Sense and Sensibility SAL features a hand dyed fabric in a lovely shade of antique blue. I decided to dye the fabric myself because I found that most blue fabrics were too light in color to allow the white floss featured in this design to be properly seen. Below you will find information on how I dyed this fabric so that you can create it yourself. For your reference, the closest DMC color is 827. The key to this fabric is to get an even dye with as little color variation as possible. To accomplish this you must attend to the fabric throughout the entire dyeing process. This process also requires several things that, once used for the dyeing process, cannot be used in the kitchen for any food preparation. If you are unable to acquire a pot for this purpose, you can use a different kind of container that is able to withstand boiling water. You can find measuring spoons and tongs at discount stores like Ross or Home Goods for only a few dollars and can later be reused for any future