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Frankenstein SAL Part One

  Part One of the Frankenstein SAL is now available!  This part of the stitching contains two separate blocks, each featuring important elements of the first part of the reading. For those of you who have never read the novel and are wondering why there is a ship in the design, I can assure you, it will not take you long to understand once you begin the reading! A few notes about the design: These two blocks fit snugly into the inner border. Unfortunately, with this design, there isn't much room for error so be sure to count twice so that you can stitch once.  A frequent question has been whether or not there will be any more stitching done outside of the previously released outer border. No, there will not be any stitching done outside of the border. That singular line along the outside is the very edge of the design.  Also, please note that the backstitching on the model was completed using a single strand of floss and long stitches were done without couching in these two blocks.