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The Secret Garden Part Two Discussion

Part Two of  The Secret Garden introduced us to new characters that made for some interesting discussion ! Below you will find the questions posed to the group and some of my favorite responses, followed by a look at Part Three. Our next discussion will take place on July 5. Part Two: Chapters 10-18 Mary is starting to make friends and is eager to have people like her. Does she believe that they should like her or is there a part of her that thinks she deserves her loneliness?  "I don't think Mary believes people should like her, but I think she starts to recognize some of the reasons she is disliked and is making an effort to change. She seems surprised more than anything that she has won the fabor of Martha and Dickon." on Instagram "I don't think it has ever occurred to her that friends are a commodity that she will ever have access to. All her life she has been taught, and even openly told, how disagreeable and unattractive she is. B

The Secret Garden Playlist

Working on the The Secret Garden SAL and looking for some music to stitch or read to? Why not listen to some music of the day? To listen to a collection of popular music recordings from the early 20th century, click  here . The Secret Garden was published in 1911. The decades leading up to this year saw a huge change in music. Music halls became filled with ragtime and blues music, the predecessors to the more commonly known jazz scenes of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Many of these songs were comedic in nature and, because microphones had not yet been invented, they were often boisterous tunes that could be shouted out over the crowds. Early recording equipment also meant that these songs could be enjoyed in your home over a gramophone for the first time and thanks to Youtube we can continue to enjoy these original recording today! I created this playlist out of videos from other channels, so a huge thank you goes to those that are keeping these historic pieces alive! If you ar

The Secret Garden Part One Book Discussion

We had a lovely first book discussion for The Secret Garden ! Below you will find the questions posed to the group and some of my favorite responses, followed by a look at Part Two. Our next discussion will take place on June 21. Part One - Chapters 1-9 What do you think of our heroine, Mistress Mary who is quite contrary? How do you think her contrariness hurts and helps her? "Mary's contrariness results from her childhood of neglect. It was an unrealized protective armour she wore for preservation that ended up saving her in a couple of ways: both her life (since she was away from people during the cholera) and emotionally since she was unloved. In additions, it was her contrariness that gave her the boldness to persevere in a completely new environment, country, house, and "servants" who didn't serve Mary the way she was used to. Mary is a survivor." - Jan Turner on Facebook "I just want to say that I so appreciate Mary being describ

The Backside of Your Stitching

The front side of the above stitching for comparison. Let's talk about the thing that is, for many of us, our dirty little secret...our backside. There is a rising trend in the online cross stitching community of showing the backside of your work. The vast majority of backsides being shown are pristine and often look nearly as delightful as the front sides. But for a lot of stitchers, their backsides looks less like a replica of the front, and more like a collection of floss that an angry cat rummaged through. So what should your backside look like and how much does it really matter? Let's turn things over and take a look. I want to begin with an important message for all you beginners out there. Let's face it, beginners' backsides are usually a mess. And rightfully so! You're still learning how this whole process works and for most beginners, it's hard enough just to get your stitches in the right place that the last thing on your mind i

Blackbird Freebie

I usually try to keep my pages laser focused on cross stitch because for so many of us, this is our happy little escape from the rest of our complex and challenging world. For that reason, I will not be making extended comments but instead will simply leave this freebie pattern here for everyone. Love to you all. Stay safe.